I was soooooo thrilled when Javi called me to ask if I would be willing to photograph his Surprise Anniversary ceremony for him and his beautiful bride Jessie. He was so excited and he felt that it was only fair to surprise Jessie with having a home fully decorated with beautiful details thanks to Jessies cousin Eli which by the way did an amazing job as you can tell :) and then telling Jessie they would go to an orchestra concert and so she had to wear a beautiful gown she got to pick out in white (hint hint) and little did she know she was making a stop at her cousins house and to her surprise it was celebrate their love in front of those they loved most family and friends including their own two beautiful kids Bella and JJ. A little back story is that Jessie is an amazing mom, she is selfless, tender, genuine and graceful. Javi is an amazing dad, he is the leader, the provider, the one who loves deeply and cherishes his bride everyday. They both care for their son JJ who has overcome some health challenges, but who is also a miracle and and if you ask me a super hero by Gods amazing grace!!! JJ continues to beat the odds despite life challenges and of course Javi & Jessie deserved to be celebrated. This Intimate celebration was about how Jessie and Javi have devoted their lives to care for their children and how they sacrificially choose to love hard everyday. It was an unforgettable day I will hold in my heart forever. So please enjoy some of my favorite memories of their Anniversary Love . <3