Today I decided to share what makes my life a lot easier in my workflow. Kindred has been my go to unicorn preset! It has definitely brought life and color into all my images and for that I am SO grateful <3 I always get asked by many people about my editing process and I thought it would be fun to share some before and afters from one of my favorite Mother's Day portrait sessions of Casey and her beautiful mama Anabel. Over the years I really have enjoyed what these presets have offered me. I love the vibrancy of the colors and how well it has worked with different skin tones and of course the greens we can't forget the greens..specially here in Miami lol

If there is something I love is editing and to have a preset this good has made my life so much easier. I usually only do small tweaks and I am good to go! That to me helps a ton with time and investing in other priorities like my family.

I am so glad I get to share that images do take time and work and you need the proper tools to make magic! So I want to send out a big shout out to the maker of it all Jennefer Wilson :) THANK YOU!

Finally, with Mother's Day being days away I figured I share my discount code so you can "treat YO self" to these must have unicorn presets and have fun editing your photos. I promise you will love them as much as I have.

So here you go click on my Discount code PATTYC and you will be prompted to the Kindred site and receive my discount at checkout :)

These are Lightroom presets that can be used on your computer or Mobile all you need to do is download the Lightroom App.

Don't say I never shared this ; )




Here's the final magical gallery :)