I truly love intimate Weddings. My heart always skips a beat when I am privileged to capture sweet moments surrounded by a small number of people in a conducted secreted fashion.Maria & Bill were surrounded by their friends & family on a beautiful windy beach Florida day. Their kids had the privilege of being part of their bridal party and their vows were the perfect way to add their special touch to their day. This beautiful, simple, small, but yet delicate wedding will be a a very memorable one for me. Photographing intimate weddings has been a huge blessing and has allowed me to serve my brides in big and small ways.There is not a one size fits all type of wedding and I am the first one to say never underestimate the photography you will have to look back on.

Maria and Bill expressed their love unapologetically and although their wedding wasn't huge the story of love was the big picture and the focus point. I truly love weddings, no matter how big or small they might possibly be, they will always have value and deserved to be captured well <3

Here I am sharing some of my favorites <3 :)