If there is one thing I miss seeing in photographs is my childhood before coming to America. In my country Nicaragua, I remember that hiring a photographer was a really big deal and a luxury for anyone in the small neighborhood I lived in. It wasn't that my parents didn't care for memories, it was just really something you did if you could. That's not to say I don't have ANY photos, but I wish I had more.I honestly look back now and a lot of things are a big BLUR to me and I wish I had more to show Emily Grace. She constantly asks me about my life before migrating to this country and I always tell her little bits and pieces of stories and she always tries to imagine things in her little creative mind, but of course if I had photos to show her it would help me to relive those days with her and I know that it would be SO much sweeter. I always find it so cute when she asks me "mommy but do you have a picture to show me ?" I think this is why I chose photography as my career. I am just driven to capture life and love. I came here when I was only 6 years old and so for me I love looking back to remember my childhood. I remember the little neighborhood we lived in, the kids we played with in our block, and the lady who lived across our home who had a little convenient store we would shop at, or even the school I went too, these are just reminders of things, places, and people I miss having memories of in photos. Becoming a photographer has given me the absolute joy to take photographs of everything I love so much. Now I get to photograph my Mom and her garden. She just loves her flowers, and all her plants, they are her babies now that me and my siblings are all grown with our own families. It is her favorite hobby ever. Wherever my mom is you will find her plants and her flowers.She is the happiest with just fresh flowers for any occasion.I am glad I get to give her something she never had growing up because all her memories are more than a BLUR, she tells me they are just hidden in her heart. As a matter of fact she texted me this blurry black and white film photo of her mom "Mimi". She told me that by just grabbing the phone and texting it to me it brought her a million memories. She said "I feel close to her". Today I look at all these photos myself and it reminds me that people really do need something tangible to hold on too even as time passes.I tell Emily now that one day she will be able to share her story and legacy with beautiful photographs to her own family. As for me I will always hold on to the photos of my mama and her garden.