This year I decided that I would take on the challenge of being more in the frame. I made a promise to myself that I would take photos no matter how I looked or felt. I wanted to be present with the ones I love most and that meant letting go of the perfection of how I saw myself. I know for a fact that I was never really in photos, I always made the excuse of not taking the pictures because I wanted to hide my imperfections. For me I have realized that I even struggle taking a selfie..LOL! I realized I was always criticizing myself for how I looked and as my daughter grows up more I have realized how important these memories are to me and to her.She is also watching her mama and she needs to see a mama whose confidence is in God not on people, or on her looks.I decided to take on this self portrait challenge not as something vain to brag about ,but as something that I can look at and see myself for who I am and love myself because God created me. I decided to give myself Grace to embrace who I am in my own skin and teach my daughter to be who she is. Loving ourselves is hard sometimes we either boast way too much about ourselves or we put ourselves down and crush our spirit. Today I want to tell you to be kind to yourself, put on the makeup if you want too but its not needed, smile and express yourself and everything else will fall into your image. Learn to be YOU because there is no other YOU.I dare you to try fun ideas and express yourself.Today I leave you with one challenge take the photos, love your family hard, let go of the perfect moment and just get in the FRAME!